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Taylor began her journey with A Passion For Pets as our first grooming school student!! She was a quick learner and had a natural ability to work compassionately with all her "furry" grooming clients. Her skill set grew quickly and we soon realized that the talent she showed in her grooming capabilities along with her love for all living things made her a perfect addition to our grooming team. She has proved herself to be a wonderful groomer and also brings a sunniness to our shop that is simply contagious to all around her. Fortunately for local pets and their owners Taylor further cultivates her bond with pets at a local doggie daycare. How lucky for us all to have such a sweet young lady showing such talent, dedication and love. Her large and adorable animal family includes her 3 bunnies; "Lint", "Humphrey" and "Artie"; "Stanley" her precious kitty, "Gertie" the Bull Mastiff, and last but certainly not least "Sampson" the Boston Terrier.  

Dylan comes to us from a local groom shop in the Burlington area where he worked for the past 3 years. Prior to that he had spent 18 years as a professional grooming and business owner in Toronoto. As a two time recipient of Toronto's "Best Dog Groomer" award, Dylan knows what it takes to provide quality hair cuts and superior customer service. He understands that the well being of a pet isn't only about hair cuts. He has taken time to learn about nutrition, basic training and holistic remedies. He also takes the time to get to know each dog he works with so he can adopt his approach to their specific needs. Again, we at A Passion For Pets feel so very fortunate to have such well a rounded, talented pet lover in our midst!! His miniature poodle "Dudley" likes to come with him to the groom shop and is often found snuggling in the cozy and comfy towel bin. His cats "Oliver" and "Nelson" however are happy to stay home in a quieter setting, watching the birds and squirrels out the big picture window!