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                    ~Grooming Services~

The "Full Groom" includes the following:

brush out to remove loose, shedding hair and mats 
 nail trim and removal of excess foot pad hair 
sanitary trim 
cleaning of ear canal and plucking of any excess hair in the canal 
 gentle, massaging bath with a premium shampoo chosen specifically for your pets skin/coat health 
 moisturizing conditioner or "hot oil" treatment as needed  
anal gland expression if warranted 
 fluff or blow dry 
 styling in a breed specific cut or a style of your choosing 
If your pet is not in need of a "Full Groom" we offer "Bath & Tidy's",  "Brush Outs" or a unique "Custom Package" for his /her individual needs.

                             WE HAVE A NEW NAME AND A NEW GROOMING LOCATION!!! 
                                                                                  ( we no longer have a retail store; grooming only )  

                                                                                                          new info:
                                                      URBAN PAWS GROOMING STUDIO 
                                                                    2 BRIERWOOD LANE
                                                                       BURLINGTON, VT
                                                                           same phone number

         please go to our new website or give us a call for further information. we look forward to hearing from you!!