Pet Grooming Services

Pet Grooming

We offer the very best of professional, all-breed dog and cat grooming in a loving and respectful atmosphere. We are by design, a low-volume, appointment-based groom shop for the simple reason that we believe this environment is far less stressful and produces a higher quality, superior grooming experience as compared to high volume, quantity-based grooming businesses. Your pet will enjoy the personal, one-on-one attention he receives from his groomer, start to finish; allowing the groomer to truly get to know your pet and his individual needs while forming a long-lasting relationship of trust and respect. We are fully committed and passionate about the health and well being of your pet and would eagerly welcome the opportunity to work with you and your pet. So whether you are looking for an adorable puppy cut or a technical breed clip, call us today: we’d LOVE to become a special part of your pets life!


The “Full Groom” includes the following:

*brush out to remove loose, shedding hair and mats 

*nail trim and removal of excess foot pad hair 

*sanitary trim 

*cleaning of ear canal and plucking of any excess hair in the canal 

 *gentle, massaging bath with a premium shampoo chosen specifically for your pets skin/coat health 

*moisturizing conditioner or “hot oil” treatment as needed  

*anal gland expression if warranted 

*fluff or blow-dry 

*styling in a breed-specific cut or a style of your choosing 

** “Bath & Tidy’s”, “Brush-outs” and “Custom Groom” packages are always available ~ just ask!! **

Our friendly, pet-loving staff in A PASSION FOR PETS are always happy to help with your pet care questions and concerns.  Stop by and visit us soon;  feel free to bring your pooch along to enjoy a delicious treat and an extra hug or two!!

Book an appointment in “The Bubble Room”, our do-it-yourself pet wash available for the brave-hearted pet lover who is not afraid to get wet and furry! We provide premium shampoos (and assist you in choosing one that best matches your pet’s skin and coat needs), brushes, towels, and power driers to get your pet super fresh and clean and smelling great! The cost is $15.00 per pet. Become a Bubble Room member and receive a free bath after your sixth visit!! Pet Nail Trims available from our capable groomers.